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Contact Information

Dr. Ville Miikkulainen

Prof. Markku Leskelš
Tel. +358 9 191 50195

HERALD WG2 Workshop Tentative Program

Monday, May 23

8:00 Registration (open 8:00-10:00)

9:00Session 1: Precursor needs from application point-of-view
- Prof. Marc Heyns, IMEC: Material challenges for next generation CMOS technologies

10:30Session 2: Precursor development
- Dr. Andy Zauner, Air Liquide: TBA
- Dr. Simon Rushworth, EpiValence: Molecular design and alternative production scale up
- Poster pitches

12:00 Lunch

13:00Session 3: Process development for porous and high-aspect ratio
- Prof. Christophe Detavernier, Ghent University: Quantifying the conformality of ALD processes
- Dr. Tiina Sarnet, Picosun: Oxide and metal ALD for porous and high aspect ratio structures

14:20Session 4: Precursor development
- Prof. Anjana Devi, Ruhr University Bochum: Tuning precursor chemistry for ALD of transition metal oxides
- Dr. Paul Williams, Pegasus Chemicals: Precursor Development: From Scientific Literature to High Volume Manufacture
- Poster pitches

16:00 Poster session

17:00 Closing

Tuesday, May 24

8:00 Registration (open 8:00-10:00)

8:30Session 5: Process development for semiconductor applications and large area substrates
- Dr. Dennis Hausmann, Lam Research: Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Dielectrics: Precursors, Processes, and Plasmas
- Prof. Shi-Who Rhee, POSTECH: Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition for Metal Nitrides
- Mr. Ville Malinen, Beneq: Latest developments in large scale Spatial ALD

10:30Session 6: In situ studies on ALD processes
- Prof. Jaan Aarik, University of Tartu: Challenges in real-time characterization of atomic layer deposition: investigation of complex processes and structures
- Prof. Erwin Kessels, Eindhoven University of Technology: Optical in situ studies of ALD

11:50 Closing remarks

12:00 Lunch