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Dr. Ville Miikkulainen

Prof. Markku Leskelš
Tel. +358 9 191 50195

ALDCoE 5th Annual Seminar

The 5th annual seminar of ALDCoE will be organized, as two years ago, at ChemBio Finland trade fair March 30, 2017. The ChemBio trade fair starts already March 29, see the full program and other details at:

For ALDCoE seminar we will have a full day of interesting talks from invited speakers and ALDCoE researchers, as well as discussions at the posters during the breaks. Seminar guests are welcome to bring posters for display and for discussions during the breaks. Send email to ALDCoE coordinator Ville Miikkulainen ( by March 9 with the poster title if you want to bring a poster. The entrance to ChemBio Finland and ALDCoE annual seminar is free of charge to all participants, but registration is required. To attend the ALDCoE annual seminar, please register at both of the following web addresses:

Registration I (Click SIGN IN)
Registration II

Unfortunately the second registration above is mostly in Finnish. There is also a confusing typo on ALDCoE name, but check the box next to "5rd Annual Seminar of ALD of Chemistry".