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Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission is performed only electronically by using the on-line submission system, available December 2, 2013. The submission deadline is January 31, 2014.

NB! The abstract submission deadline has been extended by one week till February 7, 2014.

When you start, please sign in by choosing New Account and give your valid email address. The system will automatically generate an email with an EI Access Key for you to use in case you need to return to edit your paper. If you wish to change it later, it can be done after logging in by clicking Change Ei Access Key in the overhead menu.

Submitted abstracts must be prepared using the BALD 2014 abstract template. Please download and save the template (in Word format) to your computer. Copy or type your abstract text to the template and save the file to your computer in PDF format. Please make sure that the page size remains to be B5 also after saving in PDF format. Then log in to the BALD 2014 abstract submission system. Create a new account or log in with your credentials (email address and Ei Access Key) and follow the instructions to upload your abstract document (PDF).

Maximum abstract size is one template page (B5) and it should include title, author information and abstract text. BALD 2014 abstract template must be used when submitting an abstract and the guidelines below must be followed. Please do not modify font, font size or the margins of the abstract template.

The abstract topic should be related to one of these themes:
Nanostructure Synthesis

The title should be typed in using small letters, but starting with capital letters. Please do NOT type the full title in capital letters. The title should not exceed 20 words and it should clearly define the topic of the abstract. Please use the Georgia Bold, 13 pt.

Author information
Please write the all author names and affiliations below your abstract title and underline the presenting authors name. Please use Georgia 11 pt when indicating the author names and Arial Italic 9 pt when indicating the author affiliations.

Body of the abstract
The maximum size of the abstract is limited to one template page. Your abstract can include text and a maximum of two figures. All figures should be black and white, no color images are allowed. You can also include references. Please use the Georgia 9 pt for the abstract body text.

The abstract submission closes February 7, 2014 by midnight GMT. All abstracts should be submitted by this date. Authors will be notified of acceptance of their contributions and the type of presentation (oral or poster) by March 22, 2014.

Kindly note, that authors are responsible for their own abstract text. The accepted abstracts will be published as typed by the author, including any errors in grammar, spelling or scientific facts. If you have any technical problems with the submission process, please contact the conference secretariat directly at If you have questions regarding other issues of the process (i.e. scientific matters), please contact the congress coordinator Emma Härkönen at (please note that ä=a and ö=o).

Accepted contributions will be presented either as oral presentations or posters according to the decision of the Scientific Committee. The acceptance of abstracts is subject to acceptance by the BALD 2014 scientific committee and the committee has all rights to accept or reject the abstract. The accepted abstracts will be published on the BALD2014 abstract book, subject to the author's confirmation of presenting the paper and registering as a paid delegate. The registration deadline for presenting authors is April 17th, 2014.

Presenters will be notified about the Scientific Committee's decision by email.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Please download the BALD 2014 abstract template (Word format) from here.

2. Please save the template to your computer and fill in your abstract details to the document.

3. Save the abstract document to your computer in PDF format. Please make sure that the paper size stays B5.

4. Please log in to the abstract submission page. If you have already logged in once and received the EI Access Key, please log in using your email address and the received Ei Access Key. If you are logging in for the first time please select the New Account option.

5. Please select Submit New Abstract from the top of the page.

6. Please type in the title according to the instructions given.

7. Please choose the presentation type you would prefer (poster or oral presentation). Accepted contributions will be presented either as posters or as oral presentations, according to the decision of the Scientific Committee.

8. Please choose the theme.

9. Please fill in the submitting and presenting author and affiliation details and click Save Details.

10. On the second page please attach your abstract by clicking Browse.

11. After browsing the abstract document from your files, please submit the paper by clicking CONTINUE. Please remember that the abstracts should be in PDF format.

12. When you are happy with the submitted paper, click LOG OUT to exit.